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The CDBG-DR housing recovery programs are designed to meet unmet needs to support the most vulnerable residents impacted to include assistance for homeowners and tenants of rental properties to achieve permanent sustainable housing solutions. The programs support rehabilitation and reconstruction for homeowners and renters while making funding available for new construction of affordable and project-based subsidized housing.


Public & Affordable Housing Development


The Public and Affordable Development Program has been allocated funds to address unmet needs throughout the USVI in relation to damages from Hurricane Irma and Maria. This program will incentivize the replacement of affordable housing damaged in the storms. This program seeks to redevelop and create new affordable rental housing stock including subsidized and mixed-income rental units and other public housing units, that will be developed.

Questions? Contact Lisa Richards, Public and Affordable Housing Senior Manager @

Homeowner Reconstruction & Rehabilitation


Max Award: $250k

Homeowner Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Program serves owner occupied homes that were substantially damaged by Hurricane Irma / Hurricane Maria. Homeowners who are eligible will be assisted to reconstruct or rehabilitate their home to make it habitable and compliant with flood plain, environmental, and other local requirements.

Questions? Contact Gregory Miller, Senior Program Manager, EnVIsion Program,

Rental Rehabilitation & Reconstruction


Max Award: $75k Per Unit

The Rental Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Program is designed to restore small rental properties that were damaged by Hurricanes Irma and/or Maria. Rental damage from the storms has a far-reaching impact on the local population, displacing individuals and families, constricting the rental income on which land-lords rely, and leaving individuals and families in sub-par housing stock.

Questions? Contact Gregory Miller, Senior Program Manager, EnVIsion Program,

New Housing Infrastructure and Construction


EnVIsion Tomorrow

The EnVIsion Tomorrow CDBG-DR Homeowner Recovery Program provides federally funded rehabilitation & reconstruction assistance.

Questions? Contact Gregory Miller III, EnVIsion Senior Program Manager,

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