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Economic Revitalization

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The CDBG-DR Economic Revitalization recovery programs are designed to address unmet needs in the local workforce, showcase the territory to the world that “we’re open” for business and stabilize and support our infrastructure with improvements to our ports that will generate long standing economic growth for the Territory.


Tourism Industry Support


Tranche 1: $5M | Tranche 2: $5M

The U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism will establish a robust marketing campaign, showcasing the U.S. Virgin Islands and its vast tourist assets, being open for business following the aftermath of the disasters in 2017. This campaign will be focused on offsetting the negative perceptions of storm-related damage within the Territory, while reinforcing our position as one of the top sports and adventure, romance, culture & history and ecotourism destinations in the world. The Tourism Marketing project will address the need for increased tourism revenue to grow and stabilize our local tourist economy.

Workforce Development


Tranche 1: $5M | Tranche 2: $5M

Workforce development will focus on two areas in this program. The first program will focus on training low to moderate income residents in various areas of construction industry. In the second half of the program individuals will undergo “on the job training” with local contractors that are engaged with the rebuilding of damaged homes and property in the territory.

Ports & Airport Enhancement


Tranche 1: $23M | Tranche 2: $15M

The ports of Charlotte Amalie, Crown Bay St. Thomas and port of Frederiksted will be dredged to allow larger cruise ships to berth. The objective of this project is to increase cruise ship arrivals to the territory with the berthing of oasis class cruise ships. The allowance of larger ships will drive more economic growth with more tourists visiting our shores and helping us to remain competitive in cruise demand in the Caribbean.

Building Façade and Streetscape Enhancement; Small Business and Entrepreneurship Grant and Technical Assistance Grant Program


The Building Façade and Streetscape Enhancement Program will provide funding to eligible businesses buildings, commercial or residential, to repair visible exterior damage and enhance downtown areas, high traffic areas, historic districts, etc. The goal is to increase investment and improve the aesthetic of local communities. Projects located within historic districts must follow guidelines prescribed by the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).

The Small Business Entrepreneurship Grant and Technical Assistance Program (SBETA) is comprised of two components: Small Business Grants and Technical Assistance. This program will fund recovery grants and technical assistance to aid small businesses and entrepreneurs to identify ways to rebound from the change in economic circumstances from the 2017 storms.

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