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Recovery Programs

To address the extensive devastation caused by the storms, the Territory has proposed a portfolio of programs to boost broad-based recovery on multiple fronts. The need for urgent action is a major driver of the first allocation of funds.

Below is a summary of the three categories of programs funded under CDBG-DR for the next six years. Across all categories, low- and moderate-income residents and businesses are the priority beneficiaries.


Neighborhood Revitalization

For licensed business before Sept. 30, 2017, this program is working with qualifying applicants to access grant funding to revive their businesses following damages sustained in the 2017 hurricanes. The program is divided into two programs: Building Facade & Streetscape Enhancement and Small Business Grant and Technical Assistance.

Our Programs + Services

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Public & Affordable Housing Development

Rental Reconstruction & Rehabilitation

New Housing Infrastructure and Construction

Local Match For Federal Disaster

Infrastructure Repair & Resilience

Electrical Power Systems Enhancement & Improvement

Tourism Industry Support

Workforce Development

Ports & Airport Enhancement

Neighborhood Revitalization

Public Services

Rehabilitation, Reconstruction New Construction of Public Facilities

Homeowner Reconstruction & Rehabilitation (EnVIsion)

CDBG-DR Programs’ Allocation Status

Disaster Recovery


CDBG-DR Mitigation


CDBG-DR Electrical

$67, 653,000

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