VIHFA Executes Contract With Grant Engineering and Construction Group to Expedite EnVIsion Housing Reconstruction

September 7, 2022

U.S. Virgin Islands – While its EnVIsion program has seen a rapid growth in activity with 44 houses under active construction and more than 70 in the design-to-rehabilitation pipeline, the Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority has executed a contract with Grant Engineering and Construction Group to further expedite projects by providing supplemental manpower, Interim Executive Director Dayna Clendinen announced.

Grant Engineering and Construction Group has personnel within the territory, experience locally in managing the evaluation, design, and construction for a range of public and private sector projects, and was found to be a responsive bidder.

“Consistently, public concern has centered on the lack of progress within our Emergency Rental Assistance and EnVIsion programs, two critical pieces of our Disaster Recovery portfolio,” Interim Executive Director Clendinen said. “With the backlog of ERAP applications now eliminated, and its processing streamlined, I am determined to reduce the bottlenecks within EnVIsion and bring some much-needed relief to our community.”

While based in New Jersey, 100 percent of the firm’s senior project management team is either from, or resides in, the territory.

“This is the long-awaited piece of the puzzle in getting relief for the people we serve. To ensure success, VIHFA will take an aggressive approach to managing this contract,” Interim Executive Director Clendinen said. “As many under the EnVIsion program have been waiting months to years for resolution, there is no room for error in getting their homes rebuilt as quickly as possible.” Among other things, the contract – which begins September 14 – calls for Grant Engineering and Construction Group to review and approve Estimated Cost of Repair (ECR) reports, conduct site visits, reassess storm damage, create scopes of work, create and review architectural drawings, and lead project closeouts. The total cost is $14.7 million for two years