What Is A Subrecipient?

A Subrecipient is an entity that is provided CDBG-DR funds by VIHFA for their use in carrying out agreed-upon, eligible activities including autonomous and semi-autonomous, and other governmental agencies and non-profit organizations (see Chapter 1 of HUD Guidebook for Entitlement Grantees on Subrecipient Oversight). Subrecipients are not Developers or Contractors. An agency or organization interested in becoming a Subrecipient must be included in the VIHFA Action Plan and must follow VIHFA’s Subrecipient Checklist which begins with the Capacity Assessment.


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EMAIL: cdbgdr@vihfa.gov

FAX: (340) 775-791 3

Do you have a questions about becoming a subrecipient of the CDBG-DR program? The VIHFA would like to hear from you.  Please feel free to visit any of our offices or send us an email.