WAPA Demo & Firewater Pumphouse Construction

WAPA PR-07-21

Procuring Entity: Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (VIWAPA)

Bidders Conference: January 22, 2021

Proposal Due Date: February 12, 2021

VIWAPA is soliciting competitive proposals from qualified and licensed firms or individuals (“Offeror” or “Contractor(s)”) interested in contracting with VIWAPA to provide 1) foundation demolition services, 2) fuel tank demolition and 3) firewater pump house construction services at the RHPP located at Krum Bay on St Thomas, USVI. Demolition work includes removal of former Israel Desalinization Equipment (IDE) Unit No. 6 concrete foundations and adjacent concrete site areas, and demolition of an existing damaged Tank #10 fuel oil tank. Firewater pump house construction services includes final construction of building enclosure and completion/commissioning of the electric fire pump. Each of these project elements are required to support the RHPP new generation project which includes construction of reciprocating internal combustion engines (“RICE”) and battery energy storage systems (BESS), which are to be installed and commissioned in 2022.

AWARDED TO: Grace Civil, LLC

TOTAL AMOUNT: $495,000.00