Donoe Bypass

October 26, 2020

The Donoe Bypass Improvement project is the repair and replacement of a heavily used 2-mile (estimated 11,100 linear feet) stretch of roadway through the center of St. Thomas that connects residents from the northern to southern and eastern parts of St. Thomas. As a continuation of Skyline Drive, Donoe Bypass serves as a primary conduit for east-west travel on the island and provides access to key economic hubs and critical facilities, as well as to neighborhoods along the corridor, including Anna’s Retreat and the Grandview, predominantly low- and moderate-income areas.

The Donoe Bypass project will be funded in two (2) tranches, CDBG-DR for design and CDBG-MIT for acquisition and construction.  This project will make the road more resilient, increase the ability to capture stormwater runoff and to harden the roadway in the event of future disasters.  It will include comprehensive repair of a critical route for the community that will not only fix existing surface problems but add new and improved safety features but will provide connectivity opportunities for pedestrians and automobile traffic. VIDPW is coordinating with local utilities, such as, the Water and Power Authority, the Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority, VINGN and VIYA.