All the contracts and reports surrounding CDBG-DR fund disbursement are available in our library. You can filter via resource categories to shorten the list. Please note that while you can access the action plan below, it does have its own page which goes into greater detail.

Document name Contract Dates Total Amount Details
pdfPublic and Affordable Housing Development Program Policies and Procedures v2.2
pdfWebsite Maintenance and Management SOP
pdfRecord Keeping Policy v2.0
pdfHomeowner Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Policy v2.5
pdfRental Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Policy & Procedures V 3.0
pdfInfrastructure Program Policy v1
pdfNew Construction and First Time Homebuyer Policies v1
pdfPorts Enhancement Program Policy v1
pdfSupportive Housing and Sheltering Policy v1
pdfTourism Marketing and Industry Support Policy v1


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