4 Key Ways To Participate

We want to hear from you as we go through this recovery process together. There are 4 ways built into the planning process to keep you in the loop and providing feedback.

Read The Current Plans: Current and past versions are always available to you.

Provide Public Comment: During certain phases of the planning process, drafts and amendments are open for public comment.

Take surveys: When appropriate we will release online surveys to get your opinion about process changes under consideration.

Attend Meetings: When appropriate, and generally during periods of public comment, we hold public meetings to get your feedback.

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Read The Plans

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development requires that the Territory of the U.S. Virgin Islands develop a Consolidated Plan which is the result of the planning process that recipients of HUD funding must undertake as a condition of receiving funds. The programs covered include: the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR), the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG), the HOME Program, and other programs as may from time to time be made. The Consolidated Plan serves as a planning document which builds on citizen participation, as an application for federal funds under the above-mentioned HUD programs, as a strategy for the implementation of program activities, and finally, as a basis for assessing performance. The purpose of the Citizen Participation Plan is to describe how the Territory shall provide for and encourage citizen participation in the development of the 5- year Consolidated Plan, any amendments thereto, the Annual Action Plan, the annual performance evaluation report (CAPER), and any amendments to those plans.  

The Consolidated Planning process entails the assessment of needs, the establishment of priorities, and the development of strategies to address housing, community development, and homelessness. The Citizen Participation Plan shall be reviewed and revised, if necessary, every five (5) years as part of the consolidated planning process. 

Citizen Participation Plan

Provide Public Comment

The Territory’s CDBG – Mitigation Action Plan to spend $774 million on housing; infrastructure & public facilities; economic resilience & revitalization; public services and planning is available for public review and comment. The CDBG-MIT Action Plan Draft can be found here.

Any future substantial amendments will also be available for public comment, information for which will be available here.


When appropriate we will release public surveys to gain insight into public view on specific areas of interest. These surveys sometimes inform plan amendments and other times may result in changes to our internal processes.

Provide Public Comment

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The are currently no documents out for public review at this time.



Physical copies of the Action Plan and Propose Amendments with a Spanish translation will be available at VIHFA and partner government offices and public libraries.  A large print version is available online and in print upon request.  The website continues to be compatible with Google Translate and screen reader software. 


All meeting locations will continue to be ADA-accessible and language (Spanish (required based upon population) and French Creole (by request only) and accessibility services for hearing or sight-impaired available upon request (with 48-hours’ notice).

Special Needs Populations

Advocates of vulnerable population who may need additional resources to engage with the CDBG-DR planning process are encouraged to contact the CDBG-DR Program Communication Manager at (340) 772-4432.  A list of the vulnerable population that will continue to be outreached to directly and information about equitable accessible is available in the VIHFA Citizen Participation Plan (pending public comment)

For questions on any accessibility needs, please call (340) 772-4432 or write to cdbgdr@vihfa.gov.

For questions or any accessibility needs, please call 340-772-4432 or write to cdbgdr@vihfa.gov.